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Welcome to St. John at Oklahoma State!

Mass Times

Sunday: 10am & 5pm 

Monday: 11:40am

Tuesday: 5pm

Wednesday: 12:15pm & 9pm Candlelight Mass 

Thursday: 5pm

Friday: 7:30am


Sunday: 9am & 4pm

Tuesday-Friday: 8am-9am

30 minutes before each daily Mass


Tuesday-Friday: 8am-9am

An hour before each Mass

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Growing up I always thought that confession was intimidating. I didn't want to tell a priest that I hardly knew my deepest and darkest sins. I wanted to hold onto those sins and make sure that nobody would ever find out about them. However, the more I tried to hold onto them the sadder and more irritable I became. I finally realized after a long period of time of holding onto my sins, that my soul needed to be cleansed.

My soul was tarnished and damaged and needed to be repaired. Everywhere I turned to try and fix my soul didn't give me peace and I knew that I desperately needed to go the confession. After making this realization I went and I had an absolutely incredible experience of joy and peace. It was as if the biggest weight had been taken off my shoulders that I didn't know was there. After experiencing Gods love & mercy through the sacrament of confession I began to feel Christ in my heart and in my life unlike I had ever felt before.

It took me longer than it should have to truly understand that a priest in a confessional wants the best for you, is there to help, and is merely a garbage man throwing your sins away. The more that I realized this the more I went to confession, the happier I was and the more I surrounded my life around God.

The more I received the sacrament of confession the more it came clear to me that sin does not change God. Even though sin tarnishes our soul, it doesn't affect Gods love for us. God loves us before we decide to sin, while we sin and after we sin. But when we do turn away from him we have to bring our wounds to the lord and let him heal us so that we will grow in relationship with him and in turn become holy and cease our sinful habits.

The more that I realized this the more I went to confession, the happier I was and the more I surrounded my life around God.

Christ alone saw all of your sins, loved you, and died for you upon the cross. Christ loves you immensely and wants nothing more than to be closer to you. When you go to confession and mass the graces of the cross are given to you.

Thru confession, if you open up your heart, mind, and soul to God, you can be made new. God will let his light shine thru you and your sin, sadness, and stress will disappear like snow flakes melting before the sun.